Pawsm app is alive!

Posted by Ad Min on October 7, 2020

Finally! You can now download our PAWSM free dog nutrition and diet app. We hope it helps you ease the job of providing your dogs with a healthy diet so they live better and longer.

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PAWSM is a free dog nutrition and diet planning app that brings expert level dog nutrition to everyone. Established veterinarian formulas, user input and an extensive dog food database form the backbone of this easy to use app.


PAWSM helps those who know how to calculate their dog’s precise dietary needs, by removing the need to manually calculate everything; as well as those who want to do good by their dog, but don’t have the time to study several shelves worth of books.

Features and Functions

Nutrient Calculator: Based on your dog’s breed, sex, weight, age, height, chosen food and your dog’s activity the calculator establishes the exact amount of food your dog needs.

Dog Food Database: In addition to being the foundation of the nutrient calculator, the searchable database helps owners, whose dogs have special dietary needs. With the ability of individual nutrient level searches, through food’s guaranteed composition, the database can help you find the food that suits your dog’s needs best.

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